Saturday, December 19, 2009

The following was sent by Ruth Miner in a Christmas card in December, 2009..copied here by Brian

Tis the season, so here goes. Last Christmas I was hospitalized and enjoyed (Ha Ha)chicken broth and ice water. The diagonosis was diviticulosis and was sent home. I was hospitalized again in June and the hospitalist said I must have surgery, but I am a poor surgical candidate of opted not to. I went for a consultation with Gastroenterologist Tuesday and was told I was misdiagnosed and I did not need surgery.

My grandson Aaron (Jackie's son) had surgery in Boston January 2008 for internal melonoma of the sinus cavities. He under went radiation and chemo at EMMC and surgery in Boston again in Jan 2009. He turned 32 on March 9th and shortly after came to stay with Polly who had been by his side from the start. We had Easter at Kelley's house which Aaron was able to attend for a short while. He enjoyed the Banana cream pie I made so much I made another one just for him. Evelyn spelled Polly at night the last week of his life. Aaron sadly lost his courageous battle on April 29th.

Mother's day I really enjoyued roses sent by Dan & Amy and deck boxes planted by Tom. Tom & Jane went to Kent, WA to visit with Dan & Amy then on to Oregon to spend time with their daughter Mandy and grandson Gavon. Mandy remarried in Vegas to Mark McFadden and I now have a new great granddaughter. I hope to meet Mark and Mia someday. Gary, Krissy and the boys have a new home in Glenburn.

Attended EOCC family picnic at our pastor's home. Wen to Beef O"Brady's for a Lady's Aid luncheon then went to Copeland Hill and bought 10 lbs of blueberries, so it was blueberry coffee cake, muffins and pie for awhile.

Woody and Chuck Lee came for a promised New England boiled dinner at Polly's. I supplied a desert of blueberry pie. It's always so nice to visit with old friends, but not under the circumstances Tom and I visited with Toni Martin and her family at her sister Millie's internment.

Sharon Miner Winchester took Ginny, Delina and me to Camden where we met her daughter Ellie for lunch. Ellie and her husband summer in Falmouth and live in California the rest of the year. Polly underwent a hip replacement in Sept. and is doing very well. Tom will have knee surgery in Jan.

Thanksgiving was at Kelley and Mike's in Holden. She outdid herself with a lovely meal. Christmas will be at Polly's starting with the family tree at 11:00am followed by a buffet to which everyone contributes.

May you have The Spirit of Christmas, Peace, The Gladness of Christmas, Hope, and The Heart of Christmas,Love, in your home this Holiday Season.

Ruth Miner, December,2009