Monday, December 3, 2007

Backpacking In Yosemite

Hi Carol,

Great idea to start this. It's just too easy to lose track of everyone, and sometimes we forget how important family ties can be. I should know, since I haven't seen many of you for over ten years.

Your note about dad (Doug) really sparked some memories --- thanks for that.

Was backpacking in yosemite recently near the Hetch Hetchy reservoir; the main water source for San Francisco. Ten of us, including two guides, camped for three days after hiking four hours into the campsite. No toilets or showers and it got down into the teens at night, meaning I slept in my clothes while in the sleeping bag. But, it was a great experience, including a visit from a black bear Saturday night.

Went skydiving for my birthday last summer and have a video I'll try to post later. Yes, my mid-life crisis is in full bloom.

More later.

Keith M.

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Brian McKenna said...

Hi Keith,

Thanks for your quick response and participation. It has been many years since we have seen you, but your picture shows you have not changed much.

Your trip was interesting and a awesome spot for sure. The idea of making posts like this will keep the blog interesting and I hope yours will encourage others to do the same.
Thanks again.