Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What's a Blog?

You know living out here on the west coast, we are kind of sheltered from cutting edge technology. Leave it to my dad, a true computer geek at heart, to get this off and running. Great idea. My last trip home, albeit under imperfect circumstances really helped reintroduce and remind me about how big my family really is. Hope to see many of you at Christmas.

Though I am off to a slow start compared to uncle Doug, I too have started doing some fund raising of my own. You can check things out at www.seanmckenna.org This was my first year of being involved and through the help of friends and strangers, managed to raise about $11,000. It is never too late to donate, so if you need that final tax write off of the 2007 year, please add to the cause!

Pics are available through my site and out on Flickr.

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Brian McKenna said...

Ahhhh-- The power to edit!

Thanks for the post Sean