Saturday, December 1, 2007

Information for the next generation

With today's technology it's time to gather all the photos stories and information we can to help all those coming along to understand where they come from. The blog can be used for stories, events and pictures from the past, present and future events about your family. It's a great place to let everyone know what is going on with your family, especially when many are spread around the country.

Another good idea is to submit information on any deceased member of the family which would include pictures and a biography. Information submitted on all individuals should have the person's name as the title. As this blog grows it would then be easy to search individuals from any time. Once you have a individual posted the nice thing about the blog is that others can post comments that will expand the information on that person.

Example would be a post for Scarlett in the above picture

Post title: Scarlett Rose O'Brien

Scarlett was born 12/22/2006 at Damariscotta Maine and is the third daughter of Heather (McKenna) O'Brien and Gerard O'Brien of Edgecomb, Maine. At this time Scarlett does not have a job..... You get the idea.

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