Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas 2007 Boothbay Harbor

First of all congratulations to Caitlan and welcome to Isabella Noelle Maidlow. She is the newest member of the blog, but her Aunt Mariah will have to help with the typing. Aunt Mariah?????? I'm still working on that!

Happy Holidays To All!

On 12/20 I went to Bangor to pick up Dee so she could make it down here for the kids Christmas show at school, but it snowed and the show was postponed to Jan 3rd. To make up for it I stopped at "Don's Famous Franks" in Augusta and got her a couple of dogs to go. She did mention that it has been quite a while since she passed a snow plow on the highway or ate lunch on the go. We arrived safely and she did the trip quite well.

Sean flew in from California and arrived late Saturday night so it was nice to have everyone here for the holidays.

We do the Christmas dinner on Christmas eve because there is so much activity on Christmas day for Gerard, Heather and the grandchildren. They come back around 11:30 on Christmas day for their "tree" and later that evening we go to their house for dinner. Heather and Gerard have lobster stew and fish chowder that is a Christmas supper tradition with them. Dee was really looking forward to the lobster stew and enjoyed it very much. Sean had some kind of sinus attack on Christmas day so he could not make the stew supper, but made up for it the next day. His body needed time to adjust to breathing fresh air in Maine.

On the 26th there was a double birthday party. Scarlett's birthday was on the 21st and Maisy's is on the 29, but Gerard was leaving the 27th so both of their birthdays were celebrated on the 26th in the afternoon. Scarlett was one and Maisy is 6. For someone like Kieth who is far away I will explain the names. Cagney, Maisy and Scarlett are Heather and Gerard's children. Cagney is the oldest (8) Maisy is middle (6) and Scarlett is youngest (1). You can probably figure them out in the slide show below. Of course, the good looking guy in the blue shirt is me. :))

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Kathy & Tim McLeod said...

Hey -
I'm not so sure Aunt Dee is going to appreciate the fork in the mouth picture as much as you do! And what's in that Ensure bottle? We all know how she likes her "die-quris" -
And for some reason, Sean's pictures remind me of the pictures we have of Mark growing up (must be those unrehearsed looks of surprise). Hey who's that blond with the guitar? Hannah MonKenna?
Okay, the littlest elf is too cute, especially with the rudolf nose, too funny!!
I'm thinking Maisy has a good look going with the glasses, just like Marlene, always a few years ahead of the fashion fads!
Looks like the entire McKenna/Miner/O'Brien clan had a wonderful and especially happy Christmas.
With much love -